UTech Interfaculty Football Finals 2015

Here are the highlights from the recently concluded Interfaculty Male Football Finals between : Defending Champions, FOSS (Faculty of Sports and Sciences)...

BIZAD vs SCIT [4-0]

FINAL SCORE: School Of Business Administration SOBA/BIZAD [4] – School of Computing & Information Technology SCIT [0]

FOSS vs CSA [3-0]

FINAL SCORE: Faculty Of Science and Sport FOSS [3] – Caribbean School of Architecture CSA [0] Photos by Jevon Williams

SHTM vs FUSION [0-1]

School of Hospitality & Tourism Management SHTM [0] – FUSION [1] Photos by Jevon Williams

UWI vs UTech [2-0]

FINAL SCORE: UWI [2] – UTech, Jamaica [0]   Photos by Jevon Williams


FINAL SCORE: Fusion [0] – School of Business Administration, Bizad [0]   Photos by Jevon Williams