JLP & PNP buses cross paths on Nomination Day in Papine, Kingston on February 9, 2016

I will always be surprised by the many Jamaicans who ‘find the time’ to hop on boom box carriages transporting party supporters to nomination locations during elections.

In the campaign promotions for General Election 2016, the People’s National Party (PNP) claims they will provide more jobs. This is rather ridiculous, because clearly, jobs are needed now instead of after a possible election win. The Jamaica Labour (JLP) party promises 250,000 but why weren’t some of those jobs created in their last term between 2007-2012? Both political parties make the same promises tenure after tenure; yet, Jamaicans can manage to fill trucks, buses and cars for every political meeting in every area of the Island no matter the time of day.

The law states that ten or more electors registered to vote in the constituency may concur by signing the nominees’ form – bear in mind that more does not mean a fleet of all the party’s supporters from several constituencies. Why then is it necessary for a good majority of unemployed Jamaicans to go on these expeditions?

What is not perceptible to the rabble of party trailers is that more resources have to be deployed to superintend the extremities of the political season. Roads are cram-full, thereby impeding others going about their daily routine. Police officers that many condemn, have to go into overdrive, doctors have to be ready to mend ‘politically induced’ wounds and the sad truth is, many of the bandwagonists are voteless (not eligible to vote).

Without a doubt, there is always a good feeling of triumph when the crowd is in your corner, but frankly, a crowd of non-voters is of no use to parties being victorious. Political leaders should at least on nomination day, encourage the voteless to remain in the safety of their own environment.


Article & Photo by Crystal Taylor


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