The designers and their models doing their final showing to the audience at the Couture Garment presentation.

We can safely say that the future of the local fashion industry is secure. This is evidenced by the couture garment presentations by students of the Bachelor of Arts in Apparel Design, Production and Management programme at the University of Technology, Jamaica, on Thursday, November 10.

During their presentations, the ladies each cited several sources of inspiration such as their unique personalities, personal style, renowned designers namely Christian Dior and Michael Cinco, the Victorian Era and lastly their models.

The showcase was a culmination of their final works from their Couture Techniques module, in the form of a couture garment assessment. Kerone Martin, class representative, explained the task of making a couture dress, “most of the process requires sewing by hand, applying  appliqué’s, embellishments and lining the garment throughout… it was mainly handwork.”

Similar to any final assessment the students were flooded with a myriad of emotions, with many questioning whether they could complete the assignment on time. The use of handwork as opposed to the sewing machinery meant that most if not all the students were faced with sleepless nights. However, their relief came in more ways than one through the completion of the assignment and the support they received from the teaching staff and each other. 

Martin explained that this and more can be expected from their final year assessment, the fashion show.

Among the supporters were members of the university community, family, friends and students from Meadowbrook and Mona High School.


Couture Garment Presentation Gallery

Reported by: Breanna Lewin

Photographed by: Shae-Duvaughn Ellis

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